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☆Takoyaki Party☆ [RINA 2006.11.13]


Rina hereヽ(・∀.)丿

I had a takoyaki partyョ(・_*)ノ yesterday pq..)笑

Everyone, have you been to a takoyaki partyy?%

In my family、we eat it with a lot of different fillings、including octopus of course☆!

Things like cheese or mochi、or
well~ there are a lot of tihngs☆笑{$)

Well~what about this one?

Kara Mucho(笑o+゜

【Eh↓ no way↓】
you're probably thinkingヾ(∀(゜∀゜)∀゜)I think I've been tricked once 、please try it☆ haha

It's amazingly delicious, you know (*б< )
If you can, please try it okay~(。Д+)b
By the way…if you have any recommendations please tell me。
Yes。Please teach me, okay (、ロ`pq haha

Well then~
Bye bye☆!

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My home heroes [MAMI 2006.11.13]


Heーy, it's Mamitasuー★ I safely finished my certification↑↑
Well thenー today, I'm going to introduce the heroes that live in my bedroom♪ They sell these guys at the 100YEN store…they were stuffed in a bag … and then I felt like they sent me a telepathic message, saying, "This is unacceptable!" ´` I still haven't decided on this group's name(?) (*´∀`*) I wonder what would be goodー…mmmーーWell, when I'm free, I think I'll come up with a name ★★ヽ(´∀`*)ノ
…………Maybe they can be the Ga●Rangers…?(1)

Today I practised guitar scales so I'll be able to play solos!If I can do it, I want this original song to be cool (2)!!So we tried to add some stuff in ーーahhーorz…It's hard…Even though I thought I could play, I can't remember things past a certain point …sigh。I'll try my best to memorise it ( ´_ゝ`)★

Ah, by the way, I usually use 'oira' ★ When I was in primary school, I used to say 'boku' hahah(笑)I meet people for the first time, they ask things like 『So、you refer to yourself as oira, but you're okay with that?』´`
Lately, Tomotasu and I have been saying Dukishiッッ!!!(the sound effect when you hit something) It's our current catchphrase★

Thank you for your comments★

Well then, byーe!⊂二二(^ω^)二二⊃

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(1): I think this is a play on like ... "Girlrangers" ... perhaps? lol witness how unworldly I am t's a play on Gaorangers, or the dot in the middle was a typo and it really is 'Gaorangers'. 
(2): Literally, "I want to do this original [song] cool-ly." But that just sounds bad lol.
If anyone has suggestions for 'muzusu', drop a line!
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☆Palace of the Dragon King☆ [TOMO 2006.11.12]


Tomo here~☆ Today, Haru-tasu and I were taken out to dinner!! It was amazingly delicious ~#=´∀`=#
On the way to the shop, there were a lot of things that we saw for the first time. We took photos like crazy!! Like, it was an interesting place~♪♪ Today's photo was taken at that time~☆ It was like I was able to see the palace of the dragon king*´ё`*
I want to go again(★'v`艸)。+゜

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★Shinsekai★ [HARUNA 2006.11.12]


Haruna hereッ!

On Saturday night、I was taken to 「Shinsekai」 for the first time ッヾ(^▽^)ノ

I went with Tomo、and MASAYA sensei but … it was the first time I'd been to Shinsekai!so、I was super super high and… took pictures like crazy on my phone♪♪ LOL

We went to a kushiage shop and …it was su~per delicious ~!!
We completely stuffed ourselves(・∀・)

At the end we had icecream-kushi、everyone, have you eaten this before~??

The ice cream is fried in a coating ッ☆!
The outside is hot but、the ice cream inside is cold ッ(>_<)
… anyway, in the blink of an eye… it started melting immediately so、eating it was a dilemma~

It was soo delicious!!

You definitely need to try this ~♪
I highly recommend it (^O^)v

Today's photo、is one we took in Shinsekai~!

Well then、byebye♪

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So Shinsekai is a neighbourhood in Osaka famous for kushi-katsu - basically stuff fried on skewers. Anything relating to photo taking in this entry, HARU says something to the effect of "we took photos like crazy." So when she explains about the picture in the blog entry, it is literally "one of the photos that we took while we were taking photos like crazy"
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X'mascandal★ [MAMI 2006.11.11]


ChristmaSkyandaruー!Speaking of which, I will now present the Christmas version!!It's my wallpaper!!

Ah, it's Mami-tasuー♪

I wasn't struck by any good ideas so I made this on the spot for the Christmas version ★
It's something that I had intended to do well at the time!When I look at it now……OTL…オトル…orz

Well then, I'm going back to Nagoya on Sunday for an official certification in business!!I'm on the train heading back now!I'm by myself, abusing my calculator … I've been calculating everything with reckless abandon and the dented middle of the 『 5』button on the calculator a bit…I wonder if it was there to begin with…(笑)

And so, before this I watched Hotei Tomoyasu-san's promo for Bambina by myself一 I was moved(゜∀゜) I want to try guitar and keyboard!Amazing!Awesome!So coolー!!Do your best!!!!

Rain…By the way, I like the rain★I like the sound of rain falling onto an umbrella★

See ー youーw

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Original☆![RINA 2006.11.11]


Rina here~ヾ(・A・○)♪

Today, when school finished, I went straight to Caless ヽ(・∀.)丿

Since it had been a while since I had played drumsー… it was way more fun than it usually is◆¨d)

It had also been a long time since the four of us had been able to meet up(。Д+)b I had wanted to say this before、but we're working on an original song now (P-`q)

I want to do a lively song that suits Skyandaru ー (・_*)ノ

Please look forward to whatever song we finishー☆!

Please come to our X'mas live, okay 笑'`+)

Thank you for the comments ‰幸0∀0)q♪+~

That's all for today~ノシ

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Website development! [HARUNA 2006.11.11]


Haruna here(o^_^o)

Lately、I've been making web pages in my classes at school☆★

Even though my textbook is open next to me… it's quite difficult(^_^;
My head's insides have turned to mush!LOL

But when I finish something I can't describe the sense of accomplishment(・∀・)

It's fun♪♪

After I get home、I definitely practice guitar!
Because I'm practicing now、and there are still passages that are going badly…I'm going to keep going so I can be able to play them properly ★+゜

Well、that's it!

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The idea of HARU at a computer like this is greatly amusing.
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My Hometown [RINA 2006.11.09]


Rina here☆!

At school today, we had a recorder test where we had to play 【My Hometown】ヽ(・∀.)丿lol

My classroom is on the second floor but、when I got to school in the morning I could hear the sound of the recorders before I climbed the stairs (・_*)ノ

I'm glad I finished the test safely ~ヾ(・A・○)♪

So about today's photo~
It's a cute beaded dwarf my friend made for meー☆!lol

I'm sorry it's a bit hard to see in the image(б焦0д0;)

Making small accessories with beads is also my forte, actually, you know…lol

Even though everyone says it's so surprising … haha 笑'`+)

Well then~
That's it for today byebye(゜∀・`)

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Agar-agar♪ [HARUNA 2006.11.09]


Haruna here!

Yes、I will explain today's photoッ(・∀・)

Simply put … it's agar-agar★
Well、I wonder if it could be come a diet food?
For now、it's what I like to eat at lunch♪

So in this photo、was the one I made with matcha soy milk !
I tried to solidify a lot of drinks… but personally I think matcha soy milk is the most deliciousッ★+゜

Moreover, even though agar is low in calories, it's satisfying and fills your stomach、so it's good to eat some before you have dinner↑
Everyone definitely give it a try, please(^ー^)


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My previous wallpaperー [MAMI 2006.11.09]


Hello!Mami-tasu here!
Today, I want to show you my forte♪
Since I like creatingimages, I occasionally make my own wallpapers (*´∀`*) I made this…ちーんですよね…しょぼーんですよね… it's a bit poor, so sorry… by the way this image is my previous wallpaper (゜∀゜)ちーんですね´`
Currently my wallpaper is the Christmas Version of Skyandaru⊂二二(^ω^)二二⊃ I mean the Christmas version of the Skyandaru image is my wallpaper ★イェァスーン

Well, today I dropped my calculator three times!My partner…_(\○_(My phone changed『Oiraら』to 『Oirase』) (T/N: Oirase is a surname)

Today, I kept thinking about songsー!Mmー like it doesn't fit…うまくサビにもってけない…んー゜ω゜`…It's hard…my finger tips have turned into hot dog buns!Maybe I can put some cabbage between them っ(*´∀`*) But I'm used to it★ I'm going to do my beーst!

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From left to right, the image says: Haru Tomo Mami Rina
tiny teddys ftw